Response to COVID-19


Notice to Our Clients: Client Service Changes in Response to COVID -19 

As the situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is evolving rapidly, we want to assure you that Burrard Tax LLP remains committed to delivering outstanding business solutions.

The safety and well-being of our team members, clients, and families is our top priority. Community wellness is of utmost importance and we want to do our part keeping everyone healthy and helping to minimize the spread of the virus. In that spirit, we are implementing a more aggressive strategy to assist in the battle against this pandemic.

Our office will remain open for the time being, until further notice. We encourage clients to use other available means to communicate and send information at this time.

1. Our professionals are available via email (admin@burrardtax.com), phone (604-288-9588), online meetings and video conferencing to continue to serve your needs.                     

2. Clients are highly encouraged to use google drive, dropbox for the safe and secure transfer of information to our personal staff at Burrard Tax.                                                                                                                      

3. Clients may mail documents to our office.

4. If the above methods are not an option, dropping off documents is currently a last resort as we are attempting to minimize contact between clients and our professionals.

At this time, the government has extended the tax deadline until June 01, 2020.

Other steps we are undertaking to help prevent the spread of the virus include minimizing the number of team members in our offices. Several of our professionals will primarily work remotely from home, while others are working alternate hours, creating social distancing for those in the office.

On behalf of all of us at Burrard Tax LLP, we thank you for your understanding and support during this challenging time. Remember, we are all tackling this public health crisis together while still providing an essential service to our valuable clients. We wish you and your families’ good health and well-being.



随着冠状病毒(COVID-19)的形势发展迅速,Burrard Tax LLP正在尽我们最大的努力提供出色的业务解决方案 。为了保证我们公司员工,客户和家人的安全,我们正在执行一项更具进取性的策略,以协助与传染性病毒作斗争。



1. 我们的专业人员可以通过电子邮件 (admin@burrardtax.com),电话(604-288-9588),在线会议和视频会议为您提供服务,以满足您的需求。

2. 您可以使用Google drive,Dropbox将个人、公司税务信息安全可靠地提供给Burrard Tax的员工。

3. 您也可以选择邮寄的方式,将您的报税材料邮寄到我们公司。

4. 如果上述方法无法施行,您亲自来公司提供文件是最后一种选择。 


在此,谨代表Burrard Tax LLP专业团队,在此充满挑战的时刻感谢您的理解和支持。在共同应对这场公共卫生危机的同时,Burrard Tax LLP全体员工会最大可能的为我们宝贵的客户提供最高质量的服务。


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